NUG - White Buffalo OG - 1/8th - Hybrid - 20%

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*Please Note - Percentages may vary by batch. 

White Buffalo is an 80/20 sativa-dominant cannabis strain that descends from a Romulan and a Blackberry Kush/Bay 11 hybrid.

    • Earthy 
    • Lemon 
    • Night Time
    • Euphoric
    • Relaxed 
    • Happ

    This potent bud is known among Cannabis enthusiasts for its powerful and long lasting effects. Its high starts with a euphoric head rush that immediately boosts your energy and tingles your limbs. As time passes the effect becomes more relaxed and sedative to the body, yet energized and creative to the mind. A night time strain that will help with pain and anxiety but will not leave you couch locked.