Stoney Flower - Alien OG - 1/8th - Indica 29.14%

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With tightly packed light green buds covered in frosty trichromes and fiery orange hairs, Caliva’s homegrown Alien provides users with an intense, full-body high. A mix of earth, citrus and pine flavors, this indica dominant strain hovers, sure to launch even the most dedicated of smokers into orbit.


Originating from the Bay Area, Alien OG is a cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, and you can feel those potent parent strains working immediately. Alien OG generally beams up your head first, then works its way down for a heavy-duty high - expect to feel the traditional “couch lock” effect after just a few hits.


As always, the effects of a strain ultimately depend upon the user. If you’re new to cannabis, or it’s been a while since you last indulged, take your time with this strain. Wait a few minutes to see how you feel after your first puff before taking a second or third.


You may have guessed by now that Alien OG isn’t ideal for a wake and bake, unless you want to go back to bed. It’s far more of a Netflix and chill type - no, not that one, although cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac we mean actually chilling on your couch, watching a few episodes of your favorite show or playing a few rounds of online co-op.